Discipline that can be used to train them to do a range of commands and tricks. The why is actually the harder one to answer, and I certainly have no insider knowledge about the Antioch pit bull that this week attacked a … https://wagwalking.com/training/train-a-german-shepherd-to-speak Practice with telling pup to speak each time the person is on the property, until pup barks on their own when the person enters without saying speak. Practice until pup will bark each time someone enters the property. Hello, Pup doesn't have to bark to reward this one - just reward when pup is watching someone and you notice that. Should I move the dog there or is it fine. Make sure your Pit Bull is familiar with the item/place/people you want them to guard. I have, and never will train him to attack or anything. He ran full speed at me and my friend and I got a little nervous. You can use any word or phrase you like. If you are looking for your dog to learn to protect, take him to obedience classes. Attempt to protect your vitals like your throat and hope the pit bull becomes uninterested in a non-combative prey. Caitlin Crittenden, I live in a kinda busy area and my dog is leashed at area in the yard where by it can see people and dogs pass by. Ive had him since 8 weeks, he is with me all the time. And for those who already have one or more and would like to learn more about the breed, or simply for anyone who would like to understand these great dogs…..read on. This will make them naturally want to defend it. I have heard that really nice dogs will sense their owners fear if they are threatened and will protect them even if usually they are really nice dogs. I’ve had people ask me if I could make their pit bull, Labrador Retriever, etc you name the breed not like strangers. I know he is LOYAL. The happier they feel afterwards, the more keen they will be to repeat the behavior. You can then hand over a reward. 1 decade ago. Legs apart and thrown out chest. To help with this area I would need to know a bit more about what you are wanting to teach. Let's imagine he says, "Sure, I now see that my pit bull can fly. Police dogs are rewarded for controlled holds, releases, bites, and alerting because they are motivated by their handlers and things that encourage their drive such as tugging and holding, not because they want to kill the person they are biting. Never teach a dog to be aggressive. For any bite work, you will need to hire professional help though. “He only listened to him and no one else in the house, and I got fed-up and called the SPCA and paid R450, which is a lot of money, but I did it for my family.” That requires the right food or a favorite toy. Rewarding him for being close to you and working on the commands linked above to build respect, focus, self-control, and calmness are a good combination. Is it possible to train a Pitbull to be a guard dog since they like human beings? The American Pit Bull Terrier or (pitbull, Pit Bull) is a breed known for its courage and its ability to take on other dogs. In the daytime, tether your dog to a long leash around the area they are to protect. Your Pit Bull is playful, energetic and always eager to see you. It’s important the dog knows to bark until they flee. You need to encourage any of the types of behavior they will need to be an effective guard dog. Pit Bulls are Loyal to their Owners. If you happen to have an intruder around you’ll want this dog around. Put your dog in one of these situations and issue a ‘bark’ command in a playful voice. My Dog Is Too Friendly With Strangers. Practice with different people you can recruit, that pup doesn't know so that pup will learn to do this with anyone who enters the property and not just that one person.

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