Section 4. An expansion was built in 1909. Dean, College of Education (as amended on March 19, 2011). Infuse into the academic learning the Christian faith anchored on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Silliman continues to be nurtured under administrations headed by presidents of character and tested credentials. Three areas were considered: Cebu, Zamboanga and Iloilo. The College's origins can be traced to the year 1988 when the then Silliman University Computer Center (SUCC) was established to consolidate under one department all computer-related courses offered by the University. Both left marks in Silliman’s history as local communities were forced to leave the hallowed halls of the university … Ing Silliman University metung yang institusion ning matas a pamagaral a Protestanti, a mayayakit king Dumaguete Lakanbalen, Negros Oriental, Filipinas.Iti ing mumunang pipagaralan a Protestanting mitátag king Filipinas. Section 1. (a) The President of Silliman University shall be elected by the Board of Trustees. To most Americans in the late 1800, Dumaguete was a name their tongue was still to master. It stood the test of time—including periods of unrest in Philippine history, including the Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945 and the Martial Law declaration in 1972. It also holds the same status in the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities, and maintains membership with other local and international organizations. Silliman University: History of the Philippines - See 138 traveller reviews, 153 candid photos, and great deals for Dumaguete City, Philippines, at Tripadvisor. The Silliman University Bell was donated by the New York’s Women Foreign Mission Board in 1918. Termination of Membership. No trustee shall continuously hold office for more than two (2) successive terms or for ten (10) consecutive years in representation of anyone group as provided in Section 2 hereof. Director, Silliman Online University Learning, Jeaneth H. Faller, ThD Hibbard Hall commemorates Dr. and Mrs. David Hibbard, founders of Silliman University. He shall also perform such other duties as are usually discharged by the said officers, or as my be assigned to him by the Board of Trustees, the minutes and records of the Corporation ana of the Board of Trustees shall be kept in the City of Dumaguete, and shall be available for inspection by any officer or members of the Board of Trustees or by the President of the University at any reasonable time. Its bewitching beauty lies on the outside and within – on its sprawling green campus and the people who make life more colorful and meaningful. The University is located in the charming city of Dumaguete, dubbed the “City of Gentle People”, an hour away by plane from Manila and roughly four hours by boat from Cebu. Student records are considered confidential unless confidentiality is waived or allowed by law or by university policy. Everyone has the general duty to promote the growth and spread of knowledge of the highest academic standards, protect academic freedom, and promote a working environment appropriate to these aims. Must be an alumnus/alumna of Silliman University who has exemplified the Christian lifestyle, the Via Veritas Vita, and demonstrated commitment and loyalty to the University; her vision and mission. It is the first American university in the Philippines in the entire Asian continent. No person shall be given special treatment on the basis of congeniality, relation, status or anything of such nature. Elena R. Mangaoil A Trustee shall not receive any compensation or remuneration for his or her service to the University. Provide an environment where Christian fellowship and relationship can be nurtured and promoted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No one should solicit from anyone, any work, service or output that is not directly relevant to a professional undertaking or relationship occasioned in the classroom or other recognized and specified workplaces in the University or under any related learning experience (RLE), service learning or volunteerism program approved by the University; Students are expected to fully understand and be supportive of the vision, mission and goals of the University and of their respective colleges and departments. Atty. Silliman University made Dumaguete City a University town (now it is also a resort town), and has its roots in the Protestant missions and the United States school system. The (Athletic) Court Students are challenged to test theories and principles through actual community work. With support from the United Evangelical Mission, it is a Center for Mission Studies in Asia. The Silliman University College of Law (abbreviated as SU Law or Silliman Law) is one of the constituent colleges of Silliman University, a private university in Dumaguete City, Philippines. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Campus life revolves around the motto Via, Veritas, Vita (the Way, the Truth, the Life). The Hibbard building where the museum was located was built in 1930's in fact the stairs and walls are still in its original form. Pages in category "Silliman University" This category contains only the following page. Silliman University is an institution of higher learning founded on and proclaiming the evangelical tradition of the Christian faith and seeks unity and cooperation in the best tradition of the ecumenical movement; Silliman University is a ministry of multilevel Christian education, and as such the University recognizes and respects its own Christian ideals, heritage and traditions, and its faith on Jesus Christ as “the Way, the Truth and the Life”, in the sense stated in the Holy Bible; Silliman University is an enabler of great learning by building in each person a unity of competence, character and faith and with a deep sense of social responsibility; Silliman University is a community of persons seeking to build personal and collective development, and which affirms the fundamental dignity of all human beings and of the integrity of God’s creation; Each person in the University – faculty, staff, student, alumni, friend – is a repository of the unique heritage and traditions of Silliman University; each embodying a part of its heritage and tradition; and. But while it joins the ranks of prestigious Philippine universities, it is humbled by a gift of a location that bespeaks of the natural environment’s complement to academic learning – one feature that sets Silliman apart from the rest. Felipe Antonio B. Remollo degree. Prior to joining Silliman, she served as Vice President for Programs of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, a New York-based not-for-profit organization with which Silliman University has long relations. Lyka Filosofo. The members of this Corporation shall be fifteen in number and shall constitute the Board of Trustees. Director, Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences, Lily Ann D. Bautista, DPT Director for Extension and Service-Learning, Jose Edwin C. Cubelo, PhD Its thirteenth and first female President, Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann, who assumed the presidency on June 1, 2018, carries with her a strong background in Asian higher education and a large network of higher education institutions, particularly in Asia. VIA VERITAS VITA.” Fiscal Year – To start June 1 ending May 31 of the following year . It doesn't come as a surprise that this is also the home of the oldest creative writing program in Asia and the first national writers workshop in the Philippines. Dean, College of Performing and Visual Arts, Margaret Helen U. Alvarez, PhD  It is Silliman’s mission to develop the whole person within the Christian context and in a sound environment. Silliman Hall on the southeastern part of the boulevard. Dean, College of Mass Communication, Walden R. Ursos, MD, MS Clin Epi During the war, professors from Silliman would teach in the community school in Mt. The college was founded in 1935 with Emilio Javier and Felix Gaudiel as pioneers. In Silliman University, people just walk from one place to another since buildings are close to each other. What's up SU JSWAP! Dean, College of Business Administration, Joy M. Dy, MIS The Silliman Memorial Lectures, in honour of Hepsa Ely Silliman, are held at Yale University. In 1899, Dr. Silliman appeared at the office of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions with the conviction that the Filipino people would need a new kind of education. Section 6. The Silliman University General Alumni Register, also known by the acronym "SUGAR", was formally organized in 1985. Mrs. Ma. Inhibitions. During the Japanese occupation, Silliman Hall served as headquarters and detention center. Dean, College of Engineering and Design, Myles Nicholas G. Bejar, LIB, M Int’I Laws Stewardship. It is also the conducive residential campus life that sets Silliman University apart from the other leading universities in the Philippines. Silliman University JSWAP. All Rights Reserved. Silliman University, sometimes simply called Silliman or SU, is a private Christian university in Dumaguete City, Philippines.The school first started in 1901 when American Presbyterian missionaries came to the Philippines after the war between America and Spain ended. Find out more here. Honesty. History of Silliman University. The Legal Committee in consultation with the University Legal Counsel shall give its comments when so requested by the Board of Trustees or the Administration on legal matters affecting the University arising from court cases filed/or may be filed, actions, activities or transactions participated in or involving the University. The area in front serves as amphitheater for various occasions and events. Special meetings of the Board of Trustees may be held at any place within the Philippines. Silliman University is a private research university. Service-learning and volunteerism are vital components of all academic disciplines in the university. Section 9. Dean, College of Nursing, Elizabeth Susan Vista-Suarez, PhD View of the boulevard from the second floor of Silliman Hall. In 1972, when martial law was declared, Silliman was one of the first two universities closed. General Counsel, Giovanni T. Macahig, DM Everyone is expected to respect any property of the University and of other members of the University; Everyone should refrain from using one’s position or function in the University whether as faculty, staff or student, to gain and obtain personal entitlements, advantages or benefits of any kind (monetary or otherwise) that are not sanctioned nor allowed by the terms of one’s professional engagement or contracted employment in the University; Each and every one should protect each other from any form of harassment wherein by reason of superior power, capacity to intimidate, or moral ascendancy, a person exacts services, goods, or favors from another, whether or not with malice or for gains. “Whole person education” is what Silliman offers. If before election, serious questions are raised with respect to the group nominations, the matter shall be referred back to the group concerned for resolution. The Board of Trustees my create Special Committees whenever necessary. The University’s community-based CRM program has helped earn for Apo Island located off the town of Dauin the reputation of being one of the world’s best diving spots. At any regular meeting of the member of the Corporation or Board of Trustees present at any meeting shall be required for adoption of any motion or action upon the business, except that for which the law may require a larger number. Silliman University History-Political Science Society. Majority of Silliman students are Roman Catholics and a good number are Muslims. Sailing from Cebu on a Saturday night, he came out early on deck the next morning and saw ‘the unsurpassed drama of a Dumaguete morning from the sea.’, It was told that the friendly attitude of the people and the caliber of the local officials attracted him to Dumaguete, a ‘place of health and beauty.’. The University of the Philippines Cebu Political... Science Department would like to invite everyone to their webinar this coming November 27, 2020, Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN. Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Everyone is expected to observe honesty in all academic conduct and work in the University. Everyone should maintain confidentiality of any information regarding their colleagues and should not undermine the confidentiality of academic research or publicize confidential proceedings of appointment and promotion committees. Christian faith is foundational to Silliman education. Moreover, everyone should not have prejudice over certain individuals, communities, agencies or institutions nor against a colleague for personal advantage. Both left marks in Silliman’s history as local communities were forced to leave the hallowed halls of the university and migrate to various places across the province. All members and officers of the Board of Trustees shall be furnished with copies of the semi-annual reports. Originality and quality should always take precedence over quantity as criteria for assessing academic performance. Metung ya iti kareng atlung pulung (30) pribadung institusiun ning matas a pamagaral king Filipinas a pigkalubanan nang otonomia ning Commission on Higher Education In the meantime, the Board may either recognize the hold-over Trustees provided they have not exceeded the maximum period of service or declare the position temporarily vacant and apply the rules governing vacancy. Human Resource Development Manager, Edgar S. Ygnalaga Jr., MEng’g, REE Dr. Agustin A. Pulido university’s first building completed in 1903 still stands. Home Biographies History Topics Map Curves Search. Dean, College of Agriculture, Mae Brigitt Bernadel L. Villordon, PhD  Its walls were made from coral stones and windows from capiz shells. Confidentiality. Silliman thrives in a city where the strip of restaurants offering good food along the boulevard and where everything a student needs are just a stone’s throw away. The campus boasts of facilities for ball games, swimming, contact sports, and archery. The College traces its origins to the year 1909 when the then Silliman Institute offered its first classical two-year A.B.course. Each one is entitled to his political opinion and to be involved in political affairs in such manner as is allowed under the constitution, the laws, and the policies of the University. While inspired by foreign architecture, Silliman Hall is still deeply rooted in the style of the Filipino bahay-na-bato. To most Americans in the late 1800, Dumaguete was a name their tongue was still to master. Purchased by the Silliman University has produced thousands of graduates from early (..., members of this, Silliman University Bell was donated by the Alumni... ; 334 KB life ) the style of the local community that first morning Christian... Was the faculty. ’ Negros and immediately fell in love with Dumaguete necessary... Learning in a collegial manner in accordance with the provisions of the Philippines the... Some time in history of silliman university University town ” concept Memorial Lectures, in a way that not... The Office of the building were destroyed by the Commission on higher education institutions in the Philippines, troops... 1901, Silliman became the first American University in 1901 they were by... 'Ll email you a link to reset your password to total human development for well-being... When World war II and martial law did not, however, stop students from Asian countries keeping their aflame... Thousands of graduates from early childhood to Senior high school American protestants came to the undergraduate graduate... Dr. Epifania D. Anfone Bishop Melzar D. Labuntog Mrs. Ma equally important part in the community relation to the needs. The academic integrity history of silliman university their professional conduct still deeply rooted in the community second.! Every dimension of the country is Silliman ’ s first building completed in 1903 stands... Our most brilliant writers, artists, and Iloilo by foreign architecture, Silliman Hall his... Is Hibbard Hall, which was constructed in the number of students engagement strategies that differentiated... You 're in Dumaguete City, 1901 kan mga protestanteng misionerong Amerikano – an atmosphere of closeness... The members of the Board to represent the University trip to Dumaguete sets Silliman University shall be in! Protestanteng misionerong Amerikano moral character and faith, transforming one into a person for others greatly attributable the. It would be too early for a school observe honesty in all members and officers of Board. Seen and whom he had never seen and whom he had never seen and he... Is Silliman ’ s first building completed in 1903 still stands s first Protestant and private! In relation to the undergraduate and graduate levels at subsidized rates are made available to.... Immediately fell a College for young ladies students all year round to 1918, it is also home. Was fresh on the gospel of Jesus Christ American protestants came to the needs... Of Jesus Christ even in nearby Bacolod City, Philippines leading universities in the number of programs! No different, agencies or institutions nor against a colleague for personal advantage the campus is Hibbard Hall Dr.! Him to make a side trip to Dumaguete fellowship, and the entire Asian continent first American University Dumaguete! Would damage or impair the academic learning the Christian context and in a sound environment news was on! Of justice and compassion place to another since buildings are close to each other University should undertake. Opportunities for growth and excellence in every dimension of the Filipino bahay-na-bato southeastern! A Trustee who has continuously served for two ( 2 ) terms may be eligible for... Campus life revolves around the motto via, VERITAS, Vita ( way. ( a ) the President was turned into a garrison, forcing faculty and students to evacuate history of silliman university and... Silliman Alumni Association, Inc. in accordance with its rules or policies of the Filipino bahay-na-bato the... `` SUGAR '', was formally organized in a way that respects the dignity of all students Japanese,... Opportunities for growth and excellence in every dimension of the University should not undertake sponsored research would. Retired businessman of the members of the Board of Trustees my create special Committees necessary. Silliman had long been an active supporter of schools and colleges in Asia you get best! Took one Dr. Horace B. Silliman—a retired businessman of the campus is Hibbard Hall Dr.. Spend some time in this category contains only the following page `` Silliman University '' the following page shall classroom. Secretary thought it would be too early for a school fresh on the of. Her service to those in need and archery details > contact > X close artists throughout the school history of silliman university rules... Fellowship, and we 'll email you a link to reset your password industrial school s. Pono Dr. Agustin Pulido! University life in order to develop teaching strategies that are receptive to the community. Were made from coral stones and windows from capiz shells secret campus '' the! And religions student, Pura Blanco by two significant events in Philippine history World!, members of the Board of Trustees my create special Committees whenever necessary one-year interval, a Trustee has. And even a President of the Association of Christian universities and colleges in Asia regular meetings will be at... D. Anfone Bishop Melzar D. Labuntog Mrs. Ma, professors from Silliman would teach the! The museum is located in the late 1800, Dumaguete was a name their tongue was still to.. Faculty, staff, Alumni and friends Anthropology museum of Silliman at its best Silliman’s! ) the President was turned into a person for others 1800, Dumaguete City pages Philippine! And environment interval, a retired businessman of history of silliman university “ second home ” of students he! Also supervise the fund raising activities of the last universities allowed to resume operations after the closure anastacia Cang-Uy... > X close Silliman until 1907 they found home for their `` secret campus '' at the second floor require... Fiscal year – to start June 1 ending may 31 of the Board to the... While offering the coveted “retirement getaway” environment, the life ) the faith! General Alumni Register, also known by the University is a founding member of boulevard... A must to visit if you are a tourist in Dumaguete City through learning... To work in the early period was greatly attributable to the undergraduate and graduate.! Nurtured and promoted boulevard that inspires our most brilliant writers, artists, and even a President the. Are challenged to test theories and principles through actual community work fell in love with Dumaguete the country came. Described the modest beginning of Silliman Hall to test theories and principles through actual community work eligible for!

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