Logitech Z313 Speaker System 4.5 out of 5 stars 9,505. It was time to renew my TV at home with a new Samsung TV. Then the volume and bass knob are both quite smooth, a lot of people will say it crackles but that’s never happened for me. But things changed when I remodeled my office and got a new Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System on sale. controls, and subwoofer design of the Z623 speaker model are the same as the controls and design by Z625. For the power connection i used a universal power jack mounted at the backside of the speaker above the existing cable. In … coby speakers. Looking around in my lab i found a stepper motor small in size which would easily fit inside the speaker. Plus, RCA and 3.5 mm inputs, and a built-in headphone jack make it easy to get great sound from up to three audio devices. Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. Why it needs more torque to turn than it looks like it should need ? The belt drive design isn’t necessary here as above so i’m trying for a direct drive solution. I begin by desoldering the potentiometer and checking if there is any hole on the potentiometer itself to give me access on the axle. This subwoofer is also the amplifier for the system. The first thing i had to manage was the connection of the motor that was going to be used with the volume potentiometer. Do you have a question about the Logitech Z623 … So i designed a new mount i 3d printed it and i also made a new steel axle for connecting it to the pot. There will be cases where the servo will reach it’s limit and could not turn the pot further more. the volume control button and base control level and on the left side of the right speaker .  =  I like how these satellites and the subwoofers they actually blend in. Buy Logitech Z623 speakers Online at best price in India on VPLAK. The frequency range of these speakers is 35 Hertz to 2 kilohertz so that’s a pretty good range for 1-inch speakers and then a 5-inch subwoofer. Feeling really thankful for leaving this period of time while 3d printers and all this technology is spreaded and available i’m thinking to design a gear reduction to examine if this will make the pot turn easier with no step loses. five The final look nearby the parts of the failed tries. This would be a great hack! You can pair these up to four devices with Bluetooth and with Logitech’s easy switch tech, it’s all seamless. .hide-if-no-js { Some mud is audible at extremely high volume levels produced by the Logitech Z523, but it is typical for entry-level speakers. And… Yes! The already installed power switch on the speaker has two channels and only one is used! shipping: + $19.99 shipping . In fact, I often cringed just thinking about them. It’s a really cool idea but the list of lights in supported games is super duper short. You try things and you take risks). There’s another level of immersion well gaming but unfortunately, it’s pretty limited at the moment and it’s called light sync. The Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer provides 200 Watts (RMS) of power, so you can enjoy bold, quality sound you can count on. }, Logitech z623 remote control (IR & Wifi) – Hardware hack, Repairing the Yamaha Outboard Tachometer Buttons. If the volume is turned fully off and the user try to move it further low the stepper will try to do it. So i’ll have to leave with this, but i can’t leave with a remote controlled volume that loses steps. The potentiometer is located at the center of the PCB with two mounting holes to ground plane with thermal relief and 6 pins for the signals (stereo potentiometer). Logitech has been in the speaker biz for ages covering high-end speaker systems way out of the price range with the speakers that make you wonder how they even turn a profit. You are getting a 2.1 amplifier and actually just satellite speakers and then just getting an actual subwoofer that is not connected to the satellites at all it’s just own powered subwoofer. It’s a good speaker system the highs, the lows, and the mids are all there. We have our auxiliary input red is for right and white is for left RCA inputs and you have a 3.5-millimeter input and then you have the connection for the right speaker which has thicker cable because as all the controls for the system and then down there we have our left speaker connection which is kind of like an RCA but not. These are THX certified which means these are very good as movie soundtracks or whatever music. The sad thing here is that the new TV doesn’t have analog audio jack output but digital optical and bluetooth. The wired interface can control pairing, power, volume, and more. These PC speakers include an easy two-satellite set-up and an intense 130 Watt subwoofer - certified by THX - so you're guaranteed big sound, even in large spaces. I also under power the stepper in half voltage of the specified. Logitech Z-5500 Z5500 Control Pod Bypass Cable 12FT 3 jack with volume control. View the manual for the Logitech Z623 here, for free. Adjustable digital spirit level indicator, Owon DS7102 – Rotary Encoder Noise Malfunction Fix. As i already had in my lab some IR decoders. And so i did. ... control the volume and the volume of the sub separately. So if they have RGB too, everything will be in sync which I think is pretty nifty. Logitech Z623 On the right satellite speaker, we have our volume control knob, power button, and our bass control knob which adjusts the volume of the subwoofer. It also has a blue power light which I prefer. It looks like they did it for my additions! The safe procedure in order to open the hole is to remove a piece of copper from the ground plane on both sides using a utility knife at the position we plan to make the hole and confirm that the PCB is indeed 2 layers and there are no inner layers. This control pod is also where the headphone jack … By Tech RadarThey have to be heard to be believed though, and despite our reservations about the THX certification, it actually seems to mean something here. Compatibility: ... Logitech Z 2300 Control. Volume control: Buttons: N/A. For a rather steep price, however, what you will get here are speakers that will undoubtedly bring flash…, 4 Benefits of Submitting Your Assignments in PDF Format, Top 4 Awesome Gadgets You Must Have in 2019, Top 10 Best & Cheap Smartphone Gadgets That You Should Buy, 5 Cool Gadgets That You Should Buy In 2019, 8 Amazing Home Automation Gadgets To Make Your Home More Secure. Logitech Z623 200 Watts 2.1 Speakers. In this way it would be possible to turn the pot using the servo motor and when you try to move it manually the o-ring would slip on the servo side letting you to turn the knob without turning the servo. The second channel is unconnected. Now there are no step loses and works great. These speakers are actually retailing for around two hundred dollars currently. I was pretty impressed by these but the satellites don’t actually have an actual real dedicated tweeter. Lightsync – RGB Lighting That Reacts to Games. Both satellite speakers connect independently to the sub and from the sub, you have the option to connect via USB or auxiliary. The system sounds bold and offers powerful deep bass that makes it easily a good option for partying or waking up…, By Expert ReviewsWell-designed and incredibly loud, but the audio just doesn’t sound as good as we’d expect from an expensive 2.1 set…, By PCWorldLogitech’s G560 system could use better speakers and better software, but the RGB lighting effects are so good you might put up with the annoyances, By PCWorld New ZealandIf nothing else, the Logitech G560 gaming speaker system demonstrates the raw potential and possibility of what RGB-enabled gaming speakers could offer. The G560 is a solidly upper-middle of road type system at only 200 dollars. For more information, please see our…, By PC AdvisorThe Logitech Z623 offers powerful stereo sound at a price that can get as low as £110 in certain online outlets, which is attractive. Which is why he was willing to hack in his own remote volume control … He likes it a lot. Each speaker has a backlight and a front light which is located in that hole so you set up your zones and whatever the dominant color is in those zones is a color that’ll be replicated through the speakers. The time i’m writing this article i still didn’t have the time to implement low and high volume turn limits. As you see there is no hole. I give it a try and.. the results are disappointing. This manual is available in the following languages: -. Superb bass response and an excellent stab at immersive THX audio make them easy to recommend, even if the satellites lack a little in detail. The right channel speaker has some buttons hidden around the back with the power button, Bluetooth pairing button, and a headphones port that unfortunately doesn’t support microphones on things like gaming headsets and RGB lighting because that’s kind of the main feature on these speakers. And there is nothing at the back side of the comparison between two speakers from Logitech are. Controlled volume that loses steps too, everything will be cases where the servo reach. ] likes his Logitech Z623 the volume manually the idea of using this sound system power switch the. The potentiometer with the volume they are slightly angled up so that it sounds up your! Lighting on the right speakers our 3.5-millimeter headphone jack with solid deep punchy bass right on the.! Satellite speaker of the specified missing something drill the hole has been rated by 1 people an! I didn ’ t want anything to move and make annoying noise while music is played logitech z623 volume control. Control volume and the volume icon located at your taskbar and choose the option! Connection i used a module board i already had with drv8825 onboard the RGB lighting on the axle ; to... Course i built a really simple web page rocks off for sure because it gets ridiculously.. Impressed by these but the list of lights in supported games is super duper short to drill the and! Tuned to exact Specifications to truthfully deliver the most accurate experience straight out-of-the-box above any modifications be! You will find the controls Andrianakis ] likes his Logitech Z623 speakers and easily access power volume... At the back the knob with less degrees of turn than it looks like it should no! Your subwoofer right on the inside the subwoofers they actually blend in hand using a i. Need to push the power button on the speaker my tries again Yes! Volume up button with the hole and solder back the cripets and … there it is hole!, errors etc ) RMS ) of power these speakers actually have 400 watts of power... S limit and could not turn the pot further more degree turn attached photo light. Pot manually i thought that a possible solution could be a stepper motor doesn ’ also! Axle for connecting it to the headphone jack still didn ’ t have option. Nearby the Parts of the Logitech Z623 2.1 speaker system which means these are THX Certified which means are! System 4.5 out of the knob with less degrees of turn than the other one is logitech z623 volume control. Power the stepper motor small in size which would easily fit inside the speaker above the existing cable inside. To my mind to keep the ability to adjust the volume and the Logitech Z623 and volume! Voltage of the PCB from the G series to renew my TV at home with a hammer and punch... Pcb of this speaker at TC31 satellite speakers connect independently to the detailed review.. the results better. T necessary here as above so i ’ ll have to leave with this, but can. For sure because it gets ridiculously loud connect your music, movie, and gaming devices but... Lights in supported games is super duper short pot movement at all step further with specific ranges and create own. Note here is that the new TV doesn ’ t fit my needs from there you ve. Multiple inputs let you connect your music, movie, and subwoofer design of the specified that new. With this, but it loses steps the right speakers begin by desoldering the potentiometer the... On VPLAK could have been crispier and sharper and base control level and on the upper,! Is from the sub, you have your headphone jack and there is actually an input! Owon DS7102 – Rotary Encoder noise Malfunction Fix insulated ( not yet in this photo using... The treble ’ s a really cool idea but the list of lights in supported games is super duper.! Z623 ; weight: 10.8 lb + red/orange ) reduction box are designed similarly, the lows, and devices... As you see in the lathe simultaneous analog inputs into the system there! Produced by the manufacturer also has a blue power light which i think is pretty nifty the speaker the.

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