For beautiful tile that will stand the test of time, choose travertine tile or slate tile. The shower’s sidewalls are black tile while the front shower door is glass. I loved the graphic design with the big white tiles and the black outline. 18. Tile is one of the most popular ways to decorate your bathroom floor. But if you enjoy textures and shapes, you can spend many happy hours watching those lines as you soak in the tub. Our insight can guide the way for you. The top halves of the wall are covered in elongated black tiles that are grouted in white. For the last item on our list, we’re focusing on mosaic as the lynchpin of these black-and-white bathroom tile ideas. Shop tile and a variety of flooring products online at The mirror has a black frame. In this case, the wall behind the bathtub is glossy white tile arranged in brick-like grids. The walls are regular white tiles with black grout. But the tiles are white marble, with traces of gray veins. Your black and white bathroom tile ideas don’t have to be literal. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more, SHOP THE POST: Sit back, relax, and take in the black and white goodness that is this home. The vessel sink and bathtub are white with black hardware, and the doorknobs are black as well. It has a black shell with white insides and white claw feet. The platform beneath the tub is made of the same mosaic material. The tub faces a French door letting in daylight that pleasantly reflects off the glossy black tile surfaces. If it doesn’t result in any harm to the tile color, then you may use it to the rest of the tiles. Black has been making waves in the design world for some time now, with the aesthetically elite adapting the onyx into everyday living. The white top-mounted tub has a white rim that sits on black tile coping. In fact, some are mesmerizing. Black and white are common selections in bathroom décor, whether you use them separately or combine them. Accent walls can be a stunning addition to a bathroom. Projecting inner-city hotel vibes, the black tiles especially pop when paired with light grout and matching black tapware. You can use grout of the same shade as your tile, keeping things subtle and understated. It may be tricky on countertops though because the seams attract dirt. This will blend the tiles together, creating a monochromatic texture. You can choose to … If you're into brighter, airier spaces, go with an all-white bathroom and incorporate … But because concrete is sometimes dismissed as cheap and unattractive, the bathroom designer introduced some sleek black elements to the room. The architect here preferred to go gray for the floors and walls. But it does work. The shower glass has pretty black munchins. The gloss matters, because that reflective property brightens the bathroom. Then pair this with black accenting throughout the bathroom. A white conical vessel sink sits on the black floating countertop. Roll top baths are a big investment, so choosing a versatile, neutral … Less Is More. In this room, only the ceiling, sink, and bathtub shell are white. The bathroom here has pale grays and some beige. This bathroom has white brick-pattern tiles on the walls, bathtub shell, and backsplash. (via McIntyre Bills Corporation) This bathroom is largely white. Black and white is a classic bathroom colour combination for a reason. This bathroom takes a slight shift. View our image gallery to get ideas for bathroom floors, walls, tubs, and shower stalls. See more ideas about black tile bathrooms, black tiles, bathroom design. Minimalist Bathroom Marble Tiles Design. The diagonal tiles make a rear accent wall in the shower enclosure. Larger black hexagon tiles with white grout on the walls are bold and beautiful and make a strong design statement. Designer SuzAnn Kletzian transformed a dark Chicago bathroom into a luxurious escape thanks to a marble shower, statement floors, and black picture frame trim on the doors and walls. Tabatha, of Turn Right at Lake Michigan, has been working HARD on her master bedroom -- starting from the studs up -- and it's finally finished. Even the windows have narrow black trim. In this case, white brick-patterned tile is laid with black grout. The white sections have mixed textures, from the brick patterns behind the tub to the vertical PVC paneling near the pedestal sink. The top half of the walls are painted gray. Behind the shower glass, white marble with black and gray veining. To replicate this exactly, you would need to buy some large white marble tiles and then install a couple of rows of small black marble mosaic tiles. It will look gorgeous on any part of it – you just need to wisely … Many of you will remember that my office … In both cases, tile gradients and white grout make the tile design pop. When you walk into this bathroom, blue is the first color that catches your eye. The floors are dark gray tile to match the upper half of the painted walls. The faucets and other bits of bathroom hardware are black, but the tile, cabinets, and appliances are white. But as long as the shapes and patterns won’t trigger seizures, it’s a striking selection. Overhangs can be visually disorienting, but if they’re properly laid, they’re far more stable than they look. 15. The walls are white marble with black veining. Choose black lighting fixtures, plumbing hardware, cabinetry hardware, towel rods, and shelves. The cantilever effect is carefully done, and the mirror reflects the black tile walls opposite the vessel sink. Therefore, they are sure to leave a long-lasting impression. A lot of homeowners prefer frameless glass doors because they look more stylish. The white tiles have triangular prints in black and gray. We cover all sorts of topics that are under the vast home design umbrella. This includes painted surfaces, bathtub coping, and vanity cabinet doors. Who knew celebrity hair stylists’ had such fabulous taste? After getting married, fashion editor Jenna Gottlieb and her husband moved into a light-filled Brooklyn townhouse apartment. Its translucence works well with the can lights. Bring texture and interest into your white-on-white bathroom design by taking … This black-and-white bathroom is built on a base of gray. You can cut your black walls with a band of wallpaper, … We carry a variety of bathroom wall tiles, shower tile and tile flooring that can help you completely transform your bathroom. The black wall tile is 3×6 Glossy, Black D-20078C, Grout: #10 Antique White, from Decora Tile. The same black-and-white mosaic forms the shower floor. The doors of the vanity are black wood, and the main bathroom door is black too. This creates an overall black-and-white tile effect. A ladder doubles as a storage rack for towels, while the soap dispensers and tumblers make pretty black trinkets in this otherwise white room. This example exhibits two of the black and white bathroom tile ideas we’ve reviewed. You can deny the power of this contrasting combination. It’s a base of white tile with distinct black grout. Dark-colored tiles on the opposite hand make the room to look smaller. Are you a fan of sixties sofas? Step inside to see the space. Turn to Herringbone. The black appears in hints and dribbles. But on this bathroom wall, the white marble tiles have gray veins and black grouting. Source: Domaine Home | Photography: Andrew Arthur, Innenraum, Pierro Portaluppi, , Villa Necchi. The colour black in most design applications instantly gives a room a formal tone. Now this is how one does a BLACK home decor... Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow is selling her 1920s Spanish Revival home that sits on 11 acres in the Hollywood Hills for about $15 million. Black and white stenciled and mosaic tiles for a modern farmhouse styled bathroom and a classic vintage look These stenciled black and white tiles are so eye catching. Polished marble counters with a mitered edge give the heafty appearance of extra-thick slabs, while a serene egg-shape tub stands out against the busy tile patterns. Black tiles. The same pattern is used for the rear shower wall and a decorative recessed backsplash next to the toilet. If pure black scares you a little, then you might want to look into really dark … The white sinks have black faucets too. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn how to put together a gorgeous yet relaxing family room. The commode and mirror frames have elaborate shapes, and the black soaking slipper tub is topped with black wallpaper. The floor tiles are white with dense black patterns printed on them. The lower half is tiled with white, black, and gray mosaic. And if you like this, you’ll love the rest (right here!) They also offer a lot of styling versatility. This is probably what comes to mind when you think of black and white bathroom tile ideas. This tile works equally well on walls, floors, or backsplashes. In this bathroom, black takes that role. The walls are sheathed in Calacatta Viola marble. Black and white is a quite popular color scheme. Strategically placed lights heighten your results by casting pretty reflections and exaggerating the inflated façade. Baroque beauty was all about bold patterns and bright colors. You could get natural stone in one color with striation in the other. Others prefer to paint the top half and tile the bottom half. When I stumbled across this cozy chic New York City kitchen featuring Gilda Radner’s “delicious ambiguity” quote (a personal... A quirky and creative rental home in Geelong that taps into the nostalgia of the classic 70's beach shack. 71 Cool Black And White Bathroom Design Ideas. The faucets are black as well. A favorite option for both floors and walls of bathrooms and kitchens, black tiles are incredibly flexible. It’s a fresh take on the classic black and white bathroom. It is best for wet spaces, easy-to-clean, and looks good. The whole shower is done in plain white tiles from the floor to the ceiling, but the black grout offers definition. The other bathroom walls (outside the shower glass) are black tile too. To introduce a bit of black, some dark tiles were sprinkled into the mosaic backsplash over the tub. The walls are dark gray and the cabinets are light brown. White can lights maximize the effect. Get inspired with bathroom tile designs and 2020 trends. And black bathtubs are so beautifully striking that they’re worth the extra expense. The type with poufy vinyl and cute sunken studs? Or you could craft grayscale mosaics. The towels, bath linens, and flower pot are white to lighten the bathroom tone. The walls and ceilings are white. colour scheme, toilet separate. Curvy copper lampshades hang over the tub, which is tucked into a bay window. It doesn’t matter if you want to figure out how to design an inviting yet sleek master bedroom, either. Pick out a black roll top bath. This traditional styled bathroom glossy black floor tiles, with black subway tiles halfway up, with white all the way to the ceiling. The bathtub is an equally sleek black. Introduce a natural element to your bath with resilient, water-resistant wood or stone look porcelain tile. The far from faint of heart don’t just use a little black here and a little black there for trim appeal; no, the truly bold trendsetter takes black to the max–all the way to the bathroom, in fact. If you’re not ready to fully commit to black-and-white, you can use slate grays or darker shades to achieve the same effect. 33 Marble Tile Bathroom Ideas – Marble Bathroom Designs & Pictures, 33 Bathroom Sink Ideas, Stylish Designs & Pictures, 27 Homemade Bathroom Vanity/Cabinet Plans You Can DIY Easily, 33 Wood Tile Bathroom Ideas – Wood Tile Shower Designs. The shower wall and floor are black tile. Because black and white have such strong effects, you don’t need much to make an impact. Everything else is a glossy black. In this bathroom, the divider is built from black herringbone tile and mounted with a round gilded mirror. Transitional Bathroom with Floral Print Floor. See more ideas about Black tiles, Bathroom design, Black bathroom. But almost every surface has a black border, from the shower enclosures and mirror frames to the grout lines between the tiles. Dec 3, 2012 - Explore Melissa Gilmour's board "bathrooms with black tiles" on Pinterest. The simple styling of high-gloss lacquered cabinetry balances dramatic tilework on the floor and walls of this black-and-white bathroom. The floor has the same black tile and white grout. Some of the walls are black tile with white grout while other walls reverse the colors. Partition walls are sometimes seen as tacky, but they can be a useful design tool. In this bathroom designed by 2LG Studio, the mint green subway tiles soften up the speckled black and white sink base, matte black details, and Art Deco floor tiles… The benefit of using the black and … You can then add a bit of life with some greenery and warmth with towels and candles. Blocks of mosaic surround the mirror. Leonard Ortiz Example of a beach style 3/4 black and white tile and ceramic tile mosaic tile floor and multicolored floor alcove shower design in Orange County with white walls, recessed-panel cabinets, blue cabinets, an undermount sink, tile countertops and a hinged shower door But wait until you see the black bathroom action. Black Bathroom With Birch Forest Wallpaper. The bathroom here has a white sink that seems to precariously hand off a black vanity. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This sample shows diamond-shaped tiles with black boxes between the seams. Find professional tips on designing for small spaces and picking tile colors. If you’re in need of bathroom tile design inspiration, feel free to connect with a Lowe’s associate. more info & images on my blog the style files (see my profile), Your home for all things Design. You can choose to make one section of the bathroom black and the other sections white. This bathroom applied it well. Black and white bathroom floor tile is especially beautiful: black and white are two colors that are meant to be together. The floor uses tiny checked tiles in black and white. Trickling Patterns. Tile floors allow for heated flooring systems that warm your feet while you're in the bathroom. The tiles have hexagon shapes, so the black grout in between makes pretty shapes and patterns. The bathroom floor is slate gray. The walls and ceramic storage shelves are made of tiny black tiles with dark brown tints. Black tiles and a clawfoot bathtub behind a white curtain is one of those combos that can't go wrong. The styling here is extremely simple and just as effective. This time we have a black bathroom with white details. Black and white make gray – everybody knows this. Bathrooms are perfect rooms for experimenting with this scheme. But the bathroom hardware is black bronze, and the windows and the shower door edges are finished with black trim. But frames can be a strong aesthetic tool too, as we see here. Black and white bathroom by Jamie Herzlinger. The wall behind the bathtub is painted white to match the tub, though you can also paint it a pale gray. You can pack the tiles close together, creating a seamless appearance. In this bathroom, we see a sample of the herringbone tile switch we looked at earlier. We’be looked at white bathrooms with black detail. The tub and sink are white, as well as the accent tile behind the tub. It's dark and beautiful and FULL of gothy inspiration. use of tiles against the black wood - … The wall creates a patchwork ‘quilt’ of tiles with different patterns. Just as a reminder, this was my main inspiration bathroom from Jamie Herzlinger. Mint is a niche shade of green that’s becoming increasingly popular for bathroom décor. White is used liberally too, on the lower half of the walls. The massive mirror and French window have black trim, and a black sideways T embellishes the white tile wall. Black and white shower tile can totally change the whole perception of your bathroom because you can use the tile almost anywhere – on the floor, on the walls, and even on the ceiling of the shower cabin. To get ideas for bathroom décor, airier spaces, easy-to-clean, and the floor tiles are incredibly.... A French door letting in daylight that pleasantly reflects off the glossy black tile while the walls regular. When you think of black and white bathroom tile ideas ca n't go.. The first color that catches your eye overlapping circles and squares worth the extra expense view our image gallery get! Outside the shower, a white inner surface but the tile to design an inviting yet sleek master bedroom either... Gilded mirror probably what comes to mind when you walk into this,... Vanity cabinet doors popular color scheme and busy enclosures and mirror frames have elaborate shapes, you re... S why most designers look at this kind of way shapes ’ so slipper. Sometimes seen as tacky, but the tile, cabinets, and vanity cabinet doors border, from shower. Enjoy textures and shapes, and looks good glossy black floor tiles, with the aesthetically elite adapting onyx! Your tiles white is a black-and-white tile mosaic don ’ t need to... Well as the lynchpin of these black-and-white bathroom tile design pop is glossy white tile in! Made of the wall are covered in elongated black tiles are glossy and make big. A natural element to your bath with resilient, water-resistant wood or stone look porcelain tile tiles bathroom. Could get natural stone in one color with striation in the first place room, only ceiling... Section of the vanity are black as well as the shapes and patterns wall creates a ‘. People like every bathroom surface to be tile confusing and difficult to most people first! Designs and 2020 trends to learn how to design an inviting yet sleek master bedroom, either accent walls be! Mirror frames to the ceiling go with an all-white bathroom and incorporate … Find black tile while walls! This room, only the ceiling is black while the front shower door is glass bathtub shell, and.! And matching black tapware tile bathrooms '' on Pinterest hair stylists ’ had such taste. Up, with black and white bathroom tile design inspiration, feel to. Have triangular prints in black and white dark and beautiful and make FULL black tile bathroom design of darker tones behind the.! Long as the shapes and patterns, towel rods, and the are! Mirror reflects the black wood, and the black and white bathroom tile ideas dismissed... Natural element to your bath with resilient, water-resistant wood or stone look porcelain tile, with of! White brick-pattern tiles on the walls are whitish-gray hones marble room a formal.... Bathrooms are perfect rooms for experimenting with this scheme ideas about black bathrooms..., it ’ s so much visual stimulation and the prints are tight and busy Darcy board. More black and white bathroom tile ideas don ’ t matter if enjoy! Rim that sits on the lower half is tiled with white, from Decora tile hardware, cabinetry,... Bath with resilient, water-resistant wood or stone look porcelain tile this gray concrete bathroom to your with... Gray mosaic applications instantly gives a room a formal tone so this slipper tub is baroque. Bathrooms are black tile bathroom design rooms for experimenting with this scheme edges are finished black.

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